The first export of Colombian coffee was in 1835 when 2,500 bags of coffee were sent to the United States. Colombian coffee exportation grew exponentially over the next 100 years, peaking in 1992 at about 17 million bags per year. Today, Colombian coffee is one of the most recognized coffee origins and exports an average of 9 million bags per year.

In 1927, Colombia created The Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC) because of coffee production’s huge impact on the country’s economy. To this day, the FNC oversees coffee research, technical advisory services, quality control, and marketing. 

Because of the FNC’s efforts along with the decades of coffee growing experience obtained by more than half a million hardworking coffee growers, the Colombian coffee industry has developed into a highly sophisticated system. Westrock is proud to purchase large quantities of coffee from Colombia and help sustain farmers who are dedicated to producing high-quality, Fair Trade coffee.