Tamirat Tamene Roriso

Tamirat grew up in a coffee-farming family. In his twenties, his family gave him the land to start his very own farm.

Initially, Tamirat grew multiple crops just like other farmers in his area. However, he quickly realized that, in order to be more sustainable, he needed to focus all of his efforts on coffee. After years of hard work, trials and tribulations, Tamirat has become a model for coffee farming success in Ethiopia.

Tamirat employs sustainable agricultural practices such as composting, weeding, pruning, planting shade trees, and water conservation. These practices ensure that he maintains quality and productivity in the future. Through his hard work and dedication, he has been able to provide food for his family and send his five children to school. Westrock purchases high-quality coffee from farmers like Tamirat who rely on this commodity to support their families.