Salvador Castillo

Salvador was raised around coffee in the Peruvian countryside. From his teenage years onward, he worked long days to earn money in the hopes of one day buying his own land to produce coffee.

Salvador worked day and night during his early days as a farm owner. He would take the bus to and from the farm to maintain it until he could afford to hire help. The more he earned and saved, the more land he was able to acquire. Eventually, Salvador built a house where he enjoyed the privilege of living on and working the same fruitful piece of land.

Salvador is also a founder and committed member a cooperative in Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru. Membership in the cooperative helps improve the economy of family farms through transparency and shared agricultural knowledge. Westrock is proud to partner with Salvador and other Peruvian farmers to help provide fair compensation and the tools necessary to build successful businesses.

After a long and successful career growing coffee, Salvador is turning his farm into a family-run operation. His children are taking over the majority of production activities as Salvador prepares for a well-deserved retirement.