From Origin to Roaster

Exporting and importing coffee comes down to two very different, but very important processes - logistics and tasting.

A cup of coffee goes on a lot longer journey than you might've ever thought to get to your hands. From the time it is picked off of a tree to the time it is brewed in your home, each bean goes through multiple processes and lives in multiple places. 

Each place brings a new phase the coffee must meet in its quest to become the brown bean that is ground and brewed for your enjoyment. 

The stage where your coffee leaves its origin country and is imported to your home country (in our case the States) plays a vital role in the quality of the coffee.

This stage comes down to two very different, but very important parts of the process – logistics and tasting.


In this part of the process, multiple samples are taken from both the exporter and the roaster to track the quality of the coffee at each step. In this, there are minimum of four tests by the roasting team to ensure the coffee's profile is not compromised in any process.

Key samples we see are the:

  • Arrival Sample: tested when the coffee first comes to the exporting plant from the washing stations
  • Processing Sample: tested when the coffee is processed and sorted into the different coffee grades
  • Offer Samples: two samples are pulled when the roaster requests a sample of coffee - one for the roaster and one for the exporting team's records

Other tests are done to check the defects in the green coffee as well as checking the moisture levels. Checking the moisture levels is important for the roaster to make sure the coffee is not too moist or too dry.


Once the coffee reaches our roasting facility in North Little Rock, Arkansas, it goes through testing and is prepped for roasting. 

Logistics are key throughout this entire process to make sure both parties (the exporter and the roaster) are pleased with the coffee. The logistics team is responsible for paperwork and timing at every step as hundreds of thousands of pounds are transported across the globe to make your delicious Westrock Coffee.

Once the coffee is approved and brought to our facilities, roasted and made ready for packaging, our team continues to test as it is produced into either 12-ounce bags or single serve pods.

We are grateful for our origin partners who we get to work along side to make sure every batch of coffee is crafted with the final cup of coffee in mind.