Why Fresh Coffee Brings Back Sweet Memories

The sweet, sweet aromas of coffee... 

Do you remember waking up at your grandparents’ house to the rich aroma of coffee? Can you recall that familiar aroma of coffee your mom emitted when you hugged her in the morning? Does the aroma of coffee take you back to late nights of studying with only a cup (or three) of coffee to fuel you?

Why do we associate coffee with memories?

The aroma of coffee is deeply tied to the feelings associated with comfort, taking us back to sweet memories.

Humans form powerful connections between scents, memories, and feelings.

The aroma of coffee signals the brain that caffeine is on the way, triggering feelings of wakefulness and energy.

When forming the perfect blend or testing the flavors in a cup of coffee, coffee experts, known as Q-Graders, perform a tasting session called “cupping”. Cupping uses the senses to determine the quality and flavor in each variety of coffee. Before the coffee is ever tasted, Westrock coffee experts test the fragrance of the dry coffee and then the aroma of the brewed coffee.

Without aroma, coffee flavors are limited to only what the tongue can taste. The taste of coffee loses subtle flavors as well as the aftertaste that is so important to the coffee drinking experience.

When creating the perfect blend of coffee for you, our certified, experienced roasters use cupping to ensure that your coffee is exactly what we say it is - delicious and ethically sourced from crop to cup.