Tori Cochran

Tori Cochran serves as the Vice President of Coffee and Quality at Westrock Coffee Roasting, actively managing the Green Purchasing, Hedging, and Blend Development Programs as well as the Quality Assurance and Compliance departments.  As one of the original employees who helped launch Westrock, she has served in nearly every department, acquiring expertise at each stage of the coffee supply chain.  From Rwanda to the Arkansas Roaster, she loves every intentional step necessary to take a farmer's pride in their crop and deliver it to your cup of coffee.

Tori has been a licensed Q Grader since 2011 and is in the process of becoming a licensed Q Instructor.  She has completed her level 1 Coffee Science Certificate Program with Coffee Chemistry and serves as a Judge for the United States Barista Competition as well as the United States Brewers Competition. She is also a Certified Lead Instructor and Coffee Taster for the Specialty Coffee Association.

Before joining Westrock Coffee, Tori's background in International Business had her working for a private equity firm where she contributed to an Investor's Guide to Rwanda in an effort to promote companies to invest within the country to help grow its business sector post-genocide.