Importance of Traceability

Without traceability, there is no accountability. With traceability, the foundation is created for a responsible and sustainable supply.

Westrock Coffee is the largest private label service provider in the world to enable digital traceability from farm gate to the finished products across all beverage platforms. Our transparent sourcing program, Farmer Direct Verified® (FDV), provides unprecedented transactional data in real time. This, combined with multi-year trade relationships enables deeper collaboration, enforces ethical practices in the supply chain, and lay the foundation to solve the sustainability issues of tomorrow.

Throughout the transparent chain of custody, our proprietary technology brings actional insights from our farmer partners, provides our customers industry-leading risk management services, and offers consumers a chance to understand the impact of their purchases.

Leveraging Data into Impact

Westrock Coffee deploys scalable technologies to capture digitally traceable transactions. In partnership with IBM Food Trust®, built on blockchain, Westrock Coffee validates the original source of our products and monitors fair farmer compensation. We interweave this transactional data into our finished products, enabling our customers to participate in ethical sourcing and showcase their resolve to empower farmers globally.

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