Coffee 101

Put Your Coffee Knowledge to the Test

Our coffee goes on an incredible journey before you enjoy your first sip – and we’re part of that process every step of the way. Understanding how coffee goes from crop to cup adds to the wealth of coffee knowledge we have to offer. Although we don’t believe you need to be a coffee expert to enjoy great-tasting coffee, we’re happy to share our expertise.

Brewing Methods

Some days were meant for a quick drip brew while others were made for lattés. Put our expertise to use and explore new ways to brew delicious coffee on your own at home.

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Our coffee comes from smallholder farmers around the world. Our system supports farming families in meaningful ways by offering fair compensation and education in some origins.

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Harvesting and Roasting

Our high-quality coffees are harvested and roasted using sustainable methods that provide employment opportunities for people near and far.

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Coffee Recipes

Enjoy our delicious coffees in everything from cups to cakes. Learn how to make cold brew coffee, explore chocolate coffee cake and mocha recipes, plus a whole lot more. 

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