Our Company

Coffee That Makes Doing Good Taste Great

When we started Westrock Coffee, we set out to make great coffee in a way that turned fair trade into excellent trade. Our idea? Create a new and improved system that benefits everyone throughout the entire process—and be there every step of the way to make sure it happens.

Who We Are

Westrock begins by partnering on-location with coffee farmers around the world. We take a unique approach to all 21 countries we work with to educate farmers about sustainable agriculture and better growing practices through initiatives like the Agribusiness Training Program we began in Rwanda. By teaching farmers successful growing techniques, we help them increase quality, yield and their own personal incomes.

Once we ship our beans to America, they then arrive at our roasting facility in Arkansas where they are roasted, packed and delivered to our customers. The families and lives touched throughout our coffee’s journey inspire us to be our best every day.