At Westrock, we believe that ethically sourced coffee can always be high-quality and served to our customers in any taste profile desired. It is our determination to raise the sourcing standards for coffee and our desire to provide the best service and quality. Through our vertically integrated business model and with a team committed to making sure your experience is nothing short of excellent, we are able to create unique plans to cater to your company’s coffee needs.

Blend Crafting & Development

We have a team of experts and Q graders working around the clock with our roasters to create high-quality, custom blends. Our skilled team has years of success working in blend matching and taste profiling which demonstrates Westrock’s ability to match any blend or roast you desire and ensure consistency in every cup.

Who We Serve

We are proud to partner with companies of all sizes to meet their private roasting needs. Westrock works to develop unique packaging lines with:

- Big Box Stores

- Hotels

- Restaurants

- Retailers

- Even Other Coffee Companies


Our extensive line of products allows us to create any flavor profile in a multitude of packaging sizes. Westrock is capable of providing:

- Single serve pods in bulk or nested packaging

- Vertical form-filled bagged coffee

- Quad seal packaging

- Fractional packaging

- All products with the option of custom print or wholesale packaging

Facilities & Capabilities

Our roasting and packaging facility in Arkansas utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art equipment, enabling Westrock to ensure that delicious, high-quality coffee is given to our customers in every cup, every time.

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Westrock can provide coffees with the above certifications as our facilities are certified to handle all of these coffee sustainability standards.

Private Label and Bulk Roasting

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