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A Focus on Origin

A Focus On Origin

At every point in our coffee’s journey, we’re there. From crop to cup, our presence and participation affords us the opportunity to ensure quality throughout its unique lifecycle. That means paying specific attention to each phase to ensure that our processing, sorting, bagging and shipping meet the highest standards. We bring all of this knowledge with us to the roasting process to ensure our coffee reaches its full flavor potential.


Lasting Relationships

Lasting Relationships

The heart and soul of our company can be found in the rich cultures, temperate climates and fertile soils of East Africa. Our Rwanda Trading Company and Tembo Coffee Company are models for how to work with the people of these lands in a passionate pursuit to create ideal, sustainable environments for coffee growing.

Visit Rwanda Trading Company and Tembo Coffee Company and learn how they create real, transformative change for those who rely on coffee for their livelihoods.


From Crop To Cup

From Crop To Cup

Westrock Coffee’s crop to cup business model guarantees transparency and traceability for all stakeholders in the supply chain.
We provide farmer groups the necessary training to ensure all transactions are recorded using standard accounting procedures.

This attention to education and detail gives us the real time data we need to provide highly detailed reports for our customers.