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traceability through farmer direct verified

Westrock Coffee is reimagining the status quo of transparency standards for the global coffee and tea trades. We believe economic transparency and equitable knowledge exchange up and down the supply chain leads to trusted, sustainable partnerships and a viable coffee future.

FDV started in 2019, with the build-out of a green coffee and inventory management system that tracks coffee from the time the farmer sells it to the time it is blended into a final packaged product.

Using all the data collected, we can connect customers to farmers and stitch together profitability and sustainable improvement opportunities at all levels of the global coffee trade. Since then, over 20,000 farmers have participated in this transparent platform, providing economic transparency on 1 million cups of coffee.

In 2021, we launched the second phase of FDV Coffee, using remote survey technology and on-the-ground expertise to gather data on the social risk, environmental stewardship status, and financial health of every FDV farm. In addition, we piloted FDV data collection from our primary tea supply chains. This gives us a deep global understanding of the farmers’ ability to sustain their businesses in the face of climate change and other volatile factors.

By 2025, we will have visited 100% of FDV-affiliate farms and provided farm health and risk diagnostic analyses to farmers and their first buyers. We insist on visiting 100% of FDV farms because we can’t help people we don’t know, and because anything less than 100% create gaps in transparency.

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