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Raíz Sustainability® is a collaborative approach to sustainable sourcing that leverages the unique strengths of supply chain partners and service providers to open a new marketplace to farmers across Latin America.

Raíz is made possible by the 28 suppliers, service providers, and customers we have worked with over the years to build and operate a scalable, commercially viable sustainability platform. In 2014, we worked with Conservation International to write the Raíz standard, establishing minimum requirements for sustainable coffee production and farmer group management as well as a framework to encourage continuous improvement. In 2015, we worked with a trusted import/export partner to establish our first Raíz farmer group. Since then, we have collaborated with two dozen partners in 7 countries to build Raíz farmer groups and secure sustainable production on millions of pounds of coffee. Finally, The Committee on Sustainable Assessment has come alongside us to measure farm compliance and sustainability progress.

These partnerships have made it possible to scale Raíz to 6,500 farmers and track the investments that have culminated into 100% deforestation-free farms and yields 32% above non-Raíz farms in the same regions. Our partners ensure that farmers sign a commitment to comply with the Raíz standard. They also facilitated thousands of hours of training and technical assistance and provided access to other Raíz resources since 2015. Transparent and trusting relationships with our origin partners have also facilitated $34 million in premiums to be paid directly to farmers in cash and inputs over the years.



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