Westrock Coffee Company Releases its 2020-2021 Sustainability Report

Westrock Coffee Company Releases its 2020-2021 Sustainability Report


Westrock Coffee accelerates its commitments to initiatives and actions that foster social equity and conservation for the people and environments touched by its products

Little Rock. Ark. (March 21, 2022) – Westrock Coffee Company, LLC ("Westrock Coffee"), the leading integrated coffee, tea, flavors, extracts, and ingredients solutions provider to the world's most iconic and transformative brands, today released its 2020-2021 Sustainability Report. The Report outlines the globally impactful work completed throughout its supply chains and operations to reinforce its ongoing commitment to create products and solutions that support a socially equitable, more sustainable planet.

“We are proud of the work we’ve done over the last 13 years and the steps we have taken this past year to rapidly advance our sustainability goals,” said Matt Smith, EVP of commodities and sustainability. “Our efforts and the systems we’ve created are changing the industry from the inside out for the betterment of the people and environments touched throughout our coffee and tea supply chains.”

Aligning with Westrock Coffee’s commitment to responsibly source all coffee and tea by 2025, the report highlights Westrock Coffee’s industry leadership in its focus on social equity and economic opportunity.  These highlights include proprietary programs developed to support farmer development, economic transparency, digital traceability, and environmental mitigation throughout its supply chain. Some of the more notable achievements included in the report are:

- Training of 46,000 farmer partners in extension services across Westrock Coffee’s group of companies

- Launch of an internal framework for verifying responsibly sourced coffee and tea in key supply chains

- Completion of the first “garden to final packaging” carbon footprint analysis for fresh brewed tea products

In partnership with the Committee on Sustainable Assessment (COSA) and British Standards Institution (BSI), Westrock Coffee created its Responsible Sourcing Policy as a supplier assurance framework affirming all products will be purchased and processed in a manner that is fair to the people who grow and handle them, as well as their employees, peers, and the environment.

Going forward, Westrock Coffee will use its existing pledge of 100 percent assurance of responsibly sourced coffee and tea as a springboard towards the company’s future sustainability commitments. Among these commitments is to evolve its ESG strategy to align with both the goals of our customers and the needs seen within the supply chain.

Westrock Coffee’s 2020-2021 Sustainability Report can be found here.


About Westrock Coffee:

Westrock Coffee Company, LLC, is the leading beverage solutions partner to foodservice, retail, and CPG customers, providing innovation and digital traceability at scale to meet global demand. Westrock Coffee supplies the world’s most iconic brands with the most transformative coffee, tea, flavors, extracts, and ingredients products. With offices in 10 countries, Westrock Coffee employees over 1,200 worldwide and responsibly sources coffee and tea from 35 countries of origin. We are the leader in the development and management of sustainable and digitally traceable supply chains, providing transparency from the original farmer transaction through the finished good consumer product.

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