Flash Brew

Flash Brew Cold Coffee

Flash Brew is a coffee that is hot brewed but flash chilled over ice. By brewing in this manner, you immediately stop the brewing process, locking in the complex flavors of the coffee while reducing the development of bitterness and acidity.
Enjoy this step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to make the quick and easy Flash Brew. 

Step-By-Step Flash Brew Cold Coffee

1. Heat one cup of water. 

2. Heat water to a temperature between 195- 205ºF. Just before boiling.

3. Put two cups of crushed ice in the Chemex.

4. Put the reusable filter in place.


5. Add two scoops of ground coffee into the filter. 


6. Wet the grounds. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of hot water over the grounds.


7. Set a 30 second timer. 


8. After 30 seconds, pour the remaining hot water over the grounds. 


9. Once the water is finished draining remove the filter. 


10. Pour into your favorite mug.


11. Enjoy! 

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