Our People

Our company is full of people looking to make a difference in countless lives around the world. We consider everyone who touches Westrock Coffee – from crop to cup – to be an equal contributor in our mission to produce great coffee and improve the industry as a whole.

Scott Ford, CEO & Cofounder
Scott Ford, co-founder of Westrock Coffee Company, serves as Chief Executive Officer. When Scott started Westrock Coffee, the goal was to give back in a way that led to economic change in the lives of the people of Rwanda. Evidence ten years later is a vertically integrated coffee company that impacts over 500,000 farmers in 21 different coffee growing countries worldwide.

    In addition to Westrock Coffee, Scott serves as Chief Executive Officer of Westrock Group, LLC, the parent company of Westrock Coffee and Westrock Asset Management. Prior to forming the Westrock family of companies, Scott served as President and CEO of Alltel Corporation.

    He began his professional career as an investment banker and subsequently served as the Assistant to the Chairman at Stephens Group where his work involved traditional investment banking services, equity portfolio management, venture capital investing, and acquisitions in the media industry. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of AT&T Inc. and Agaciro Development Fund - the sovereign wealth fund for the Republic of Rwanda.

    Joe Ford, Cofounder & Chairman

    Joe Ford co-founded Westrock Coffee Company with his son, Scott Ford, under the common goals of creating a positive impact in the coffee industry and developing a company that could provide the very best customer service. Joe has played a key role in the development of Westrock as a vertically integrated coffee company that now supports over 500,000 farmers worldwide. 

    Joe also serves as Chairman of Westrock Group, LLC. He began his career in telecommunications at Allied Telephone Company in Little Rock, becoming Allied’s President in 1977 and subsequently the Chairman of Alltel Corporation - a provider of wireless voice and data communications services. Joe serves on the Board of Directors of Westrock Coffee Company and Westrock Asset Management. He previously served on the Board of Directors for the Dial Corporation, Duke Energy Company, Eltek, ASA, Beverly Enterprises Company, En Pro Industries, Textron Inc., and the United States Chamber of Commerce.


    Elizabeth McLaughlin, Group President of Sales, Marketing, & Client Services

    Elizabeth McLaughlin serves as the Group President of Sales with a focus on Marketing and Client Services at Westrock Coffee Company. Elizabeth’s first cup of coffee was in Rwanda in 2013 where she immediately went to visit upon joining Westrock Coffee. This is where Elizabeth fell in love with coffee, the families who cultivate this beautiful, delicious crop and the mission to build strong, ethical supply chains.

    Prior to joining Westrock Coffee, Elizabeth owned and served as Chief Operating Officer of SIR Research, a consumer marketing research firm in Richmond, Virginia. She previously worked as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PBM Products, a private label consumer products company. She began her career at Alltel Corporation with a role in investor relations, corporate communications, and regional marketing in Virginia and the Carolinas.

    Dave Atkins, Special Assistant to the CEO

    Dave Atkins serves as Special Assistant to the CEO at Westrock Coffee Company. Dave has been with Westrock Coffee since its inception in 2009 and has played a key role in developing the hospitality and production sectors of the company. Dave’s devotion to customer service goes back to our roots, why we started, and the farmers we partner with and their families.

    Before joining Westrock Coffee, Dave served in numerous management roles at Alltel Corporation, including President of Alltel Wireless Services. Dave is a military veteran and a member of numerous civic and service organizations.


    Will Ford, Executive Vice President of Operations
    Will Ford serves as Executive Vice President of Operations at Westrock Coffee Company. Will has been around Westrock Coffee before it developed into what it is today. Since the family trip to Rwanda in 2005 that spawned initial ideas of business there, Will has served and spent time in several of Westrock’s entities around the world focusing on learning the many facets of coffee and business. He counts it a privilege to work alongside his father and grandfather.

    Today, he continues learning and developing knowledge and expertise in all it takes for Westrock to function as a vertically integrated coffee company.
    He earned a Master’s Degree in Coffee Economics and Science from Illy Universatá del Caffé in Trieste, Italy. He received his B.A. in Communications from Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

    Tori Cochran, Vice President of Coffee Development & Quality

    Tori Cochran serves as the Vice President of Coffee and Quality at Westrock Coffee Roasting, actively managing the Green Purchasing, Hedging, and Blend Development Programs as well as the Quality Assurance and Compliance departments.  As one of the original employees who helped launch Westrock, she has served in nearly every department, acquiring expertise at each stage of the coffee supply chain.  From Rwanda to the Arkansas Roaster, she loves every intentional step necessary to take a farmer's pride in their crop and deliver it to your cup of coffee.

    Tori has been a licensed Q Grader since 2011 and is in the process of becoming a licensed Q Instructor.  She has completed her level 1 Coffee Science Certificate Program with Coffee Chemistry and serves as a Judge for the United States Barista Competition as well as the United States Brewers Competition. She is also a Certified Lead Instructor and Coffee Taster for the Specialty Coffee Association.

    Before joining Westrock Coffee, Tori's background in International Business had her working for a private equity firm where she contributed to an Investor's Guide to Rwanda in an effort to promote companies to invest within the country to help grow its business sector post-genocide.


    Tim Greulich, Vice President of Data Analytics

    Tim Greulich serves as the Vice President of Data Analytics and is a licensed Q-Grader at Westrock Coffee Company. Tim has over a decade of experience in the coffee realm and, because of that, has an overwhelming amount of knowledge regarding the industry as a whole. His background in finance and data analytics when combined with his time spent at Westrock has allowed Tim to become an expert on all things Westrock.

    Before joining the Marketing and Sales team at Westrock Coffee Company, Tim served as an analyst and handled the technological needs of Westrock Capital Partners. Prior to joining the Westrock family, Tim spent several years as a Starbucks supervisor where he first started developing his love for coffee.

    Anthony Lynch, Vice President of Hospitality, Office Coffee Service, & Customer Service
    Anthony Lynch serves as the Vice President of Hospitality, Office Coffee Service, and Customer Service. Anthony leads multiple teams that service the hotel industry and airport terminals all over the United States as well as over 700 customers in and around the state of Arkansas. Anthony’s love for providing people with excellent coffee, unmatched service, and strong, direct partnerships comes from learning and serving at every level of hospitality. It was in culinary school where he fell in love with coffee. Determined to get healthier, he forced himself to drink his coffee without cream or sugar and began to appreciate the subtle nuances in each cup.


    Anthony’s initial experience in the restaurant industry developed his palate and his love for flavors. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, in 2005. His love for food, his experience as a chef, and his commitment to wellness inspire him to energize his team and provide the best coffee service experience possible.

    Scott Ford

    CEO & Cofounder

    Joe Ford

    Cofounder & Chairman

    Elizabeth McLaughlin

    Group President of Sales, Marketing, & Client Services

    Dave Atkins

    Special Assistant to the CEO

    Will Ford

    Executive Vice President of Operations

    Tori Cochran

    Vice President of Coffee Development & Quality

    Tim Greulich

    Vice President of Data Analytics

    Anthony Lynch

    Vice President of Hospitality, Office Coffee Service, & Customer Service

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